Hello World

Hello World-

Really and honestly, I’m new to the blog world.  I just started  my new business in photography. I just signed up my business with facebook, pinterest, tumblr and so on, to sort of promote my business.   My love for photography started at a really young age when I took a class in photography in middle school.  Then I grew up…. got busy with life, just like everyone else, joggled life of what becomes of it. Then went to college part time, moved out of my parents house and worked 2-3 jobs to support myself. Then college just wasn’t really full filling my needs at the moment so I stopped in the midst of all things to support myself, I never wanted to stop learning new things, besides, I had a goal to finish, that I would get back to college again in my future life, I just knew that one day will come.

Then one day I met a man! Suddenly, we fell in love, got married and had 3 young beautiful children.  Having such cute little kids, I end up having gazillion pictures of my kids. I love photographing them so much so, I decided to pursue what I love to do most into a career in Photography!  I went to school and received my Certification in Photography.  So here I am world, capturing especial moments one at a time not only my family, but others as well

Remember I’m new to the blog world, I have done a few gigs here and there of photo shoots. So as I go along capturing photos, I will share those with you.  Check out my website for new promotions at http://www.ginalynnphotography.com


Gina Lynn

Gina Lynn Photography

Certified Professional Photographer

Southern California