Beauty Blunder Journey!

Beauty Blunder!

So here’s the thing about Beauty…It’s so hard to be beautiful, thank goodness for make up artists right.  My never ending research of the Perfect Foundation, blushes, eye shadows, etc…etc…. has started long time ago and still to this day researching and trying out what’s good for my skin color..Mostly, it’s finding the right foundation!  I don’t know why I’m just blogging about it. It’s been years of trying new and old foundation that would match my complexion, so far I have no luck finding my perfect color for my skin tone.  The problem is, I have an oily face, color is lighter and darker in some areas, my neck is totally different color than my face. When I think I found the perfect shade, a few hours later my face is one to two shade darker because of this problem I have…  I have been told to use a non-oily moisturizer, which I do! I was also told to use a primer, which I do! I was also told to use a Press Powder, which I do sometimes! But here are the products I have encountered so far in this Beauty Blunder Journey..Again, this is just my opinion and experienced, so please feel free to comment and suggest anything that you like!  I’m pretty open to anything at this moment!

So far, I came across this make up called “Make Up Forever”, I have never heard of it, until recently and I have to say I like it so far.  I’ve always use MAC, since they do have the closes shade to my skin tone, I do love their Mac Studio Fix  for the full coverage, but it just doesn’t last long for me..I feel like I’m always re-touching my shiny face.  Which is so frustrating!  I also tried Lancome 24H wear and so far so good, I liked the fact that it stayed on my face for a long time, except like I said earlier the color was way off after a few hours probably 2 shades darker for my face compared to my neck.   So, I went to Target and bought a bunch of make up brushes and came across ELF, eyes, lips and face.  They are super cheap.. So far like the Bronzing Brush and their eye shadow brushes so far. I do think the material is cheaply made, but it’s a good buy.   I also bought some Revlon foundation I liked it, but had to return it due to the wrong color of course!  But I did get the Loreal true match super blendable powder in Warm Creme Cafe to use for bronzing.  I bought the MUFE matte Bronzer 60 at Sephora and I loved the way it applied to my skin for contouring, except it was TOO red for my skin tone. So someone from Sephora had suggested that I use a darker foundation to use for contouring instead .  So that’s how my trip to Target came to play….I wanted to get something cheaper than the MUFE price tag, I figured I’m only going to use it for contouring why not get something less pricey.  I also wanted something more MATTE looking,  and most of the bronzing products at Target or Wal-mart store are too shimmery for me, but they do carry something online that is more Matte Bronzing at Wal-mart online.  I didn’t see anything at that time from Target that was a powder base except Loreal.  While back and forth to Sephora, Macy’s, Nordstrom  and Target, by the way I did NOT do this in one day, it was probably more like  two weeks of trying this out.  I also picked up some brushes by  Sonia Kashuk Kabuki brush and also bought the Stippling  and angled eye shadow brush No 108 by Sonia Kashuk and that angle brush is my all time favorite so far, better than my Mac brush, and the bristles are tapered nicely,  really great for my gel liner, Love it!…. So, now you know my Beauty Blunder Journey! Who knew, it is such a Task, finding the right color for my skin tone is SO much work.. 🙂 I’m tired!  More to come as I move forward in this Journey!