Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbird Feeder

You don’t need to spent a lot of money on hummingbird food, all you need is water, sugar and food coloring (optional). I finally used food coloring for the first time. Here are the measurements.

1 cup of sugar
3 cups of water
3 or more drops of food coloring(optional)

that’s it. I got this recipe from my father in-law, I’m sure he got it from somewhere else too. I love watching hummingbirds eat and fly around my window. They are vicious little things, but really pretty. Now I just need to get my camera and be ready for them….

Birthday Theme

Okay, so my son Cole who’s turning 6 next month had his party all planned out for me  and for the next 3 years from now.  He told me that for his B-day next month he wants to have a Star Wars theme birthday party…  So of course, I told him sure we can do that.  The problem is, my house is not  big enough to have 20 kids in my house.   So I need to find a place soon if I’m not doing it in my house..The problem is where.  We have a clubhouse that we can use, but that means we have to rent it and that cost $200. There goes my money for the food. I need to think about this on how to go about it.  Maybe park? will see!

to be continued…